Young culture journalists at the Komische Oper Berlin

Komische Oper 'Young brings school newspaper reporters to the opera house

In this workshop project, youths aged 13 to 18 learn what a recension can look like, why writing reportages is the ultimate art in journalism and how a well-written portrait conjures a picture in the reader's mind.
The young people write about topics in the ongoing program that matter to them, from their personal point of view, with their own emphasis.
They discover new interests, their independence is important. But of course they get help with their rechereche and feedback to their texts at any time. The youths interview directors, actors and dramatic advisors and write portraits. Or they visit a rehersal and write a reportage about it. Or they come to a premiere and write as young professional reviewers.
They print their texts in their school newspapers and also in the Magazine of the Komische Oper, "komisch".